How do I install my own server jar?

How do I install my own server jar?

It's not that hard to set up your own server jar on Aquatis. We do allow you guys to upload your own server jar. However, we won't be able to provide much support on custom jars like forge as we're not that experienced on how to resolve that much. However, we've made a comprehensive article below on how to do it.

Step 1
Log in to the Multicraft Panel.

Step 2
On the left side of the server screen, select Files > FTP File Access.

Step 3
Record the details listed here. This will be used for Step 4.

Step 4
Use a third-party FTP software like FileZilla to upload your server jar. If you don't have it downloaded click the button below to download it.
Filezilla Download

Note: While you wait from downloading & installing FileZilla. Rename your server jar to custom.jar, this will help us in the future and also the panel boot with your server.

Step 5
Once FileZilla is installed. On the top left, you will see the area to place the details you recorded. Once you have done so, hit quick connect to login to your servers FTP.

Step 6
Once you're connected you will be shown an interface similar to this. The left side is your computer files, the right side is your server files. Drag and drop your custom.jar over to the right side, not on top of any folders. Once completed, your jar file has been uploaded.

Step 7
After you uploaded the jar. Navigate to your panel where the server is located. Scroll down to advanced settings and click it.

A list of advanced settings will appear up. Scroll down to the jar selection.

Change the setting to Server base directory.

Step 8
Once you have selected an option, click Save. You should have been returned back to the top. Go down to the JAR File section and replace vanilla-1.10.2.jar exactly with the jar name you have uploaded which should be custom.jar. Then save again then start your server!

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